Sunday, July 11, 2010

DAY 85: Meyer Lemon Risotto w/ Mascarpone & Scampi

So, DAY 84 kinda went missing in action, but it DEFINATELY wasnt a lost day! I spent the day researching for ingredients and gathered some raddichio, pigeon and more. Oh, and I may of also taken my research to the Good Food & Wine Show - strictly research... Ha!

DAY 85's dish was great, taste wise and presentation! As some may already know, I'm really not a seafood lover (or even eater) and even I enjoyed this. The risotto was very very creamy and the lemon was slightly overpowering. The way I looked at it though was that the risotto accompanied the scampi. A nice little trick was learnt here (when roasting the scampi) in that if you crumble a little ceylon tea over the scampi it brings out the sweetness. I loved it!

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